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Greater Valdosta United Way

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome and thank you for applying for assistance through Greater Valdosta United Way.

Please complete the application in its entirety.
Please upload the requested documents.
Please be specific in your description of why you are needing assistance. (Assistance requests that do not have a description of the reason for needing assistance will not be accepted.)

~Additional Information~
Assistance is not guaranteed (depending upon qualifying and available funds).
Assistance must be to solve a problem not postpone it.
Medical, Travel, RENT, deposits, and fees are NOT eligible for assistance.
Additional information may be requested and must be submitted in a timely manner.
We reserve the right to refuse assistance.

By completing this application you are giving consent to the Greater Valdosta United Way to access the bill you are requesting assistance with.

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Questions? Contact Greater Valdosta United Way at 229-242-2208